Ish & Flow, the Intersection.

The design originated while spending a Saturday afternoon at the intersection. Throughout the day there was non stop foot traffic. I think it may be one of the most well walked local crossroads. There was non stop people walking through, people stopping and visiting, singing, yelling, it was a very lively corner for locals. 
The lines flow through the intersection in various directions representing the concept of water flowing giving the feeling of currents. The fish stamps [color will be added later] represent the community members traveling through town. The aerial view photo shows the formline-esque lines. It draws from the elements of formline which explore the ideas of proportion and flowing weights of lines.

The salmon medallion is done by @crystalworl. The lettering around it is done by @tsu_namee. The metal cutting was done by Adam Dimmitt. The design speaks to the concept of Latseen, the strength of mind, body, and spirit. The core cultural value medallions are a collection of art pieces that speak to the depth of relationship between Tlingit people and the landscape.

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