Jump Jump Design. An extended description.


Jump Jump was a design I created with the purpose of exploring a juxtaposition of intricate and big broad design elements. The visual challenge lead to a design which to me expressed a feeling of play and freedom, some things I think we're all experiancing during our struggle with the times of Covid 19. A desire to fly, to be free, to be with others. 

Before I get into too much depth, here is the link for the AP, and here is the link for the standard edition at Trickster Company.

Here you can see the start of the initial layout of the sketch elements.

I started with exploring an intricate background and some large “splash” elements on the bottom left.

First step to actually filling out the design was the Salmon. The salmon would become the central design element, so they had to be set out and defined so that all other elements i would add later would relate appropriately.

Here is my first rough sketch of surrounding elements. I knew they were jumping out of the water, and the big u-shapes indicated splashes. The top right area needed a balancing element. I thought maybe a sun or moon would be good to give context as above water.

Here is the final “sketch”. I added design elements to the frame so it wasn’t just a boring box. They also brought out more of the juxtaposing scale elements I had wanted to explore at the start.

The final digital step is to digitize the sketch into vector artwork. Vector work allows me sharpen up the design to final lines, to scale those lines for production on any product, and to play with colors. On the left you can see the 2 colors I chose for the artist proof. On the right is the one color which would be used to burn a silkscreen.

I have the screen burned to print on paper. I do an artist proof by testing the screen on a limited number of prints. Then later a full run. I ended up with 5 artist proofs (AP) and 35 standard edition. I keep some of the prints that turned out a bit off, but were still very nice to enter into my "non-prime" collection. Which are for sale at a discount to my patreon subscribers as well as give as donations to various non profits.

Here is a description of the design:


 And here is an animation of the sketching:




  • Enjoy your blog posts and really enjoy Jump Jump on my wall! Thank you! The process is intriguing! Many Thanks!

  • Enjoy your blog posts and really enjoy Jump Jump on my wall! Thank you! The process is intriguing! Many Thanks!

  • I enjoy seeing the process of how artwork is created.
    Thank you for sharing Rico!


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