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Baby Raven Concept 1 Giclée Print

Baby Raven Concept 1 Giclée Print

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This print was designed as a concept piece. It depicts Baby Raven as a little girl in the Box of Daylight story (see abbreviated version here). This artwork was done to test the design style and character concept of Baby Raven in a potential upcoming project. The character is likely to change dramatically before final version, but I liked the concept and thought it was worth sharing and enjoying. The design style is done in a “comic book” style. It is done in a Ben Day Dot style which is a printing style that was prevalent during the golden age of comics. In this print I experiment with not only Baby Raven’s character development, but also the illustration style. There are dot and coloring areas which i change slightly to see what I find looks best in final print conditions (this limited print series). Note: there is also hand written text over the artwork where I take notes for myself in the future. In case I need to refer to this print and grab dpi level, color themes, ect to replicate this style as I develop it further.

Giclée print. 10” x 12: . Limited series of 5. Framed.

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