Killer Whale Echoes Silkscreen Print

Killer Whale Echoes Silkscreen Print

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Killer Whale Echoes depicts a killer whale and the relations of Haa Shagoon, which translates to the relation between the past, the present and the future. The humanoid face in the fin representing the present, with the echoes on either side of the fin. The piece itself also reflects this concept as the form being my work derived from a deep tradition of work, into my own style of formline, and finally an Extended Reality digital design which overlays the silkscreen. The digital design can be seen using the accompanying QR code that opens an augmented reality camera which can be used to view the digital art by pointing your camera at the silkscreen art piece. 

This is a first in a new line of work where I explore “Extended Reality” (XR). A term which includes Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. 

Print size is 16” x 16” 
Includes a card with the QR code for the XR experiance



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